THE TEAM | How your brain works #3

The Organisation – In the corner office and the coffee kitchen

What is the crew:
One of the biggest problems of the CEO is, that he has a tough & super lazy secretary, she´s called the basal ganglia. She controls the thinking and constantly tries to avoid involving the CEO in business decisions. Her mantra is: “Let´s do it like we always did and go home on time and also: let´s not take risks, it’s better to have small successes in place than dream to big”.

On the bright side, she don’t want to make the brain tired with non-important stuff and on the other side makes the team trouble because she wants the company to change things for better performance.

The aim of employees is to stay in their comfort zone: the safe place of routines – doing things like they did yesterday – no change, no waste of energy. The basal ganglia keeps away most of the companies processes and decisions away from the influence of the CEO which can be a real problem. The worst thing is – the CEO simply doesn’t know!

A good coach always addresses the CEO –  for a compelling talk about strategy, team and focuses on changing things to make the company better and sends the secretary to get a cup of coffee. That´s what we call conscious decisions – the powerful force of every CEO.

Short summary of remaining part but insignificant for video as per goal description:

Who can help:
First, the insular cortex – an internal counselor and observer enables self-awareness. And Second a  part called, Anterior cingulate cortex is detecting conflict, error– all informing team to prepare the strategy and find the blind spots.

And what about the rest:
The coffee kitchen called the Striatum. There is pleasure, reward and motivation. There is reinforcement, learning but there is also the gossip: the fear, impulsivity. These factors drives the employees or hold them back from success

In the Amygdala there is life too – all the emotions, the aims, the dreams, the fears, the stress responses is done here.

Source: Kerstin

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