THE SYSTEM | How your brain works #5

Communication System – Neurons & Neurotransmitter

The second most important thing to understand about your company is the communication system. The neurons and electric signals forms telephone system; the neurons use to communicate like telephone cables. Higher the number of neurons, stronger the connection.

Care about your thinking too. 90% of your thoughts are the same like yesterday. Perceptions, judgments, reactions are hard wired. Habits are physical connections too. So to change thinking, and feeling we have understand the dynamics between brain areas and neuronal connections.

And third important thing – the “message to all system”; the brain entities and the whole nervous system including heart, lungs, skin, muscles. The neurotransmitter and neuropeptides communication releases are the big announcements in companies.

Neurotransmitter are mainly dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, glutamate, cortisol and adrenaline – the brain chemicals that serves for different purposes. These chemicals activate our nervous system, they are responsible for butterflies when we´re in love or increase blood pressure, heart rate, make us sweat when we see or even anticipate danger.

The Back-Up Server and the super busy employees that you can imagine like „Zwerge“ – and they love working at nights – sorting out and organize all the market data coming in and the internal reactions on it, they decide priority – so a good company finishes every working day with gratitude and happiness with constant evolving and learning. .

Here we can find all the documents stored in the hippocampus, which distinguishes between immediate usage, short-term memories and important ones. For prioritization they follow the emotional system – the more emotions are involved the better the memory is stored!

Where are we now? So now you know everything about the biology and chemistry of your brain to determine for yourself how many of your thoughts, decisions of your strategy is based on CEO or coffee kitchen power!

In the next series we will have a closer look on how to deal with the different units in detail to drive your business. Until that: eat well, sleep good, be mindful and have powerful full-body workouts to strengthen your CEO!

Source: Kerstin

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