I hate that guru-talk – create your future blabla .

…. and I want to tell you why I´m sometimes struggling with unicorns.

The moment I started my coaching career I was feared. Super-feared ((and at that time I haven´t had the tips & tricks and the sweet tech gadgets on how to deal with :-))
I was feared about what I will be confronted with. Guru stuff, group sex, hugs everywhere  (I´m kidding but you know what I mean) … . I want to be a coach, maybe a different coach but I was prepared for a weird journey :-), believe me.

From the beginning my goal was clear, crystal clear why I want to coach – I wanted to find the way with people like me – having success and fulfillment in business and life – by thinking and acting in a self-supporting way. Make business easier and even though a lot of people hate my claim: „the uncompromized art of success“ I love it. It says exactly what I mean – you can have it all, you don´t have to decide between business and your life and still make a contribution. No eso – BUSINESS – I like business, I like being successful – it´s fun if we leave that „oh I´m so stressed and busy thing behind us“ . I love success in that way that I have the feeling I´m having a contribution, I can make a difference for businesses, people, employees, that I can build things, that I can be creative, that I invent things, that I grow young people … that I can work with others.

I love business, when it´s done right and it´s the people that don´t do it right it´s not the business that´s bad.  But this another time – how to do business right, especially as a girl … ( or just call me we will have a cup of coffee or two :-)).

Ok but let´s get back to the topic, eso-coaching as I (and I´m still ashamed by all the judgments I made on coaches, now that I´m one myself) called it. But it has to come like it came … these words: create your vision, colour your dream, build the picture in your mind. It rumbled in my gut. No, no, no … I don´t want to do that. No visions please, people with visions should go and see a doc. Not for me please. I can hear the voices in my head still. Computer says nooooooo … .

But of course I did :-). Today I have it all, all this super-eso-lifefulfilling coaching stuff: an inner authority ( btw. that was a hard one to find, I try fire her two times but no chance :-), a life purpose ( attention I´´m in phyrotechinque ), I have my guiding energies as my crew, I have energybuttons on me …. I have it all. And I´m happy with it and my clients have them too. We have so much fund with it and do you know why?
For me it was never enough to coach. I saw what´s happening with my clients and I loved being with them and support but I wanted to know WHY?
Pls. go and ask Tony Robins and all the Facebook-Stupid-Guru_Advertisers, why they are doing supercool things?

WHY your thoughts create your reality?
Yes! It´s true, supertrue but WHY?

My stake in coaching is that I want people not only to be at their best, becuase that´s what all theese tools can really do, I´m the coach that always wants people to be as informed as I am after the process, so it´s all about the brain. Your brain really doesn ´t care if it´s real or imagination. It just wants to support you what´s important. So if you have that big purpose, if you act on purpose you have the chance to ENJOY, so you are rewarded and you find power, strength, you are braver … you are in coherence with your being. The brain loves images because our words and linear thinking is so flat and our imagination can be like a thunderstorm of assiciations words can never express. Describe me please in words the feeling of total relaxation or let the picture in your head grow lying at the beach sun is shining at you belly, you hear the water, you legs feel heavy lying in the sand … . What was better? ?

So yes, use all these tools and techniques, these wonderful paintings to get your brain working better for you. It´s just science that comes in a playful and funny shape. Everything that comes with emotions is important for the brain, so it´s more likely to be wired and that´s what we do, we (re- ) wire ourselves every day and it´s the decision in the process that we can make together in which direction. Do you want a lucky or angry brain?

So one hint: pls. check the animals on our coaches profile´s maybe you find a piece of „eso“ there that gives our brains the right direction too while we´re building that dream company – fulfill our desires and core values to make a bigger contribution to people´s life and health – and explore new things every day.

Source: Kerstin

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